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Thread: All Star Team- 3 period ERA

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    Who are the best wrestlers from the current "best of 3 rounds" wrestling era? Here's my shot at an all star team. My rule is you need to win at least 1/2 of your hardware under the current set of rules (ie Saitiev, Mussulbes, Yerlikaya and so on are not eligible).

    55 kg- Kudukhov. Might be cheating a bit to put him here since he won more at 60 kg, but even counting just his 55 kg results he'd be near the top.
    60 kg- M. Batirov (could switch with Kudukhov, I guess. Anyone know if they ever wrestled each other?)
    66 kg- Ramazan Shahin (could be any number of guys IMO)
    74 kg- Burroughs (by a hair over M. Murtazaliev at this point- wouldn't that have been a dream match!)
    84 kg- Sharifov
    86 kg- Gatsalov.
    120 kg- Taymazov (more hardware than Makhov).

    Greco- not so informed her so I'll try my best.
    55 kg- Sourian.
    60 kg- Albiev. (He was sooo good for a while; just to small for 66 at present)
    66 Mansurov (with help from the referees )
    74 kg- Vlasoev (Cebi would be a good choice too)
    84 kg- Mishine (Might be breaking my rule here- he won the Olympics under old rules, but some hardware under current rules too I think).
    94 kg- Khustov (maybe? Least consistent weight class ever)
    120 Lopez.
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    55 lebedev. 2 in a row and may not have been 100% at russian nats keeping him from a 3rd
    60 asgarov. boy was impressed by his olympic performance
    66 shahin.
    74 burroughs.
    84 kotoev. as dominant a year as anyone when he won
    96 gastalov
    120 taymzov

    55 sourian as good as any in any wt or style
    60 noroozi very donimant last few years
    66 mansurov
    74 kverkvilia when he felt like it
    84 mashine
    96 khustov unstoppable on top
    120 lopez dah
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    Have Noroozi/Albiev and Kvirkvelia/Vlasoev ever wrestled I wonder?

    I totally forgot Masurov's name... I added him now, even if he had some very intersting calls go in his favor when he won.

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