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Thread: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

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    Who took a swing at Ibragimov?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    same camera 4 (no youtube uploads yet)
    don't forget to change the date - must be 2013-1-27
    16:06 - 84 kg anzor urishev (blue) def magomed ibragimov (2 times clinch)
    16:24 - 96 kg vladislav baitsaev (blue) def anzor boltukaev
    16:48 - 120 nurasulov (rus) def azarshakib (iran) (not the best refereeing in a final)

    between the finals, nothing happening on the this mat; bronze medall matches are held on the mats left and right; not interesting.
    84 saritov (injury) and 96 gatsalov didn't show up.

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    Most of the 84 kg matches were on held on the right mat - camera 5.
    13:20 Urishev - Ktsoev 1/4final
    then 13:29 - semis: Magomed Ibragimov def Saritov; Urishev def Omar Magomedov (BLR)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hubbard View Post
    Who took a swing at Ibragimov?
    I don't know. Watch the semifinal and you will see: Adam Saitiev was coaching Saritov. In the 3rd period, Saritov got injured and withdrew. You can hear Ibragimov shouting out. Saitiev obviously disliked this expression of victory - you can see him in the left bottom corner having a "talk" with the winner. The end of what started in the corner of this video, can be seen in the youtube video you already watched.

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    was metcalf complaining he should have gotten another 1 for out of bounds?

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    keep the you tube translations coming if you can, the other stream is tough to follow


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    Ярыгин 2013 финал 96кг. Байцаев - Болтукаев - YouTube!

    Abdusalam Gadisov-Anzor Boltukaev 1/4 Final - 96 kg Golden Grand Prix "Ivan Yarigin" -2013 - YouTube

    96 kg, final and Gadisov's loss (thanks to EASselin on oawa forum). Boltukaev has some amazing hips.

    It's pretty amazing that out of Gatsalov, Ketoev, Gadisov, Akmedov they won a total out of one medal. I knew Russia 96 was deep but I didn't realize it was that deep. Anyone have any info on the two finalists.

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    55 kg non-stop action
    Mihail Madasov of Buryatia in red vs Victor Rassadin of Yakutia
    55кг 1/4 финала М.Мадасов - Виктор Рассадин - YouTube

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    Who did shamil Akhmedov lose to? 96kg was crazy

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