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Thread: Olympics and International - seeding and double elimination

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    The idea that someone can go to a major International meet and wrestle one match and be done is asinine.

    Seed at least the top 8 wrestlers. This will help in distributing the talent and, with a bit of luck, pushing for to top two guys or whoever beats them to face off in the finals. It will end the weak pool baloney where you have a bunch of talented wrestlers who have never won internationally in one pool and four world champs killing each other in the next one.

    You seed the top 8 and draw the others out of a hat or something to fill the brackets.

    Then, double elimination so everyone gets a chance to advance on their own without relying on someone else to win to pull them through. While you are at it, a true third and fourth place instead of the little league 'everyone goes home with a trophy' bronze farce.

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    My thoughts...

    One and done doesn't bother me. This is the big leagues (compare a 4 minute match to a 10 second heat to elimiate a sprinter). I'll bet a lot of world class wrestlers don't want to wresle in the "B" bracket anyway. The only time it bothers me is when the bracket gets screwed up by someone getting hurt (ie Yazdani this Olympics) or losing suspiciously (ie Garzon vs Gogaev a few years back.)

    I also would like to see seeding., The problem is that if you seed by opinion it gets way too political (something FILA is wisely trying to get away from) and if you see via points accumulated throughout the year it disadvantages wrestlers who do not compete a lot, due to age (ie Taymazov) or geopolitical reasons (ie Yang). Best I can think if is seeding the top guys based on their country's placement from last year. Ie next year at 74 USA is seeded first, Iran is seeded 2nd, and so on. This won't be perfect, and you'll still get some ugly first round matchups, but at least there will be a bit more equality.

    I fully agree that there should be only one bronze medal.

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