View Poll Results: Who wiill win at 84 kg?

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  • Sharifov- Azerbayjan

    5 20.00%
  • Urishev- Russia

    5 20.00%
  • Aldatov- Ukraine

    1 4.00%
  • Mashragvilli- Georgia

    7 28.00%
  • Sokhiev- Uzbekistan

    0 0%
  • Lashgari- Iran

    3 12.00%
  • Herbert- USA

    4 16.00%
  • other

    0 0%
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Thread: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

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    Default 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    This should be a great weight, with a ton of exciting wrestlers having legitimate gold medal shots. I'll take Urishev over Sharifov in a close final, but I'm hoping Aldatov pulls it out

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    I may be dreaming here, but I think the loss to Cael last year will light a fire under Herbert and I'm picking him to win the gold.

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    How have Sharifov's results been over the course of the last year? He was out of his mind last year at Worlds.
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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    I know he won the world cup and the Olympic test event, closest matches being double clinchers over Ktsoev and Lashgari. Also placed 2nd at 96 kg in some tournament, forfeiting to Gayzumov in the final. So pretty impressive but not unbeatable.

    Herbert has beaten Sharfiov 2x, I'm sure that's in his mind when e trains.

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    • Mashragvilli- Georgia

    The dude is sick. WON euro 12'. Barely lost to Urichev in 11' final - Controversy.

    Did you watch this guy walk thru Bryce Hasseman on Youtube? Walk thru Keith Gaven.

    Maybe best skilled wrestler since Saitiev. In 11' worlds was beating Aldatov before he got pinned.

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    Love the Georgian. He has in incredible technique but soetimes fades late in matches. You aren't quite right about the Aldatov match though. They were tied in periods nad Aldatov hit a 5 pt throw.

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    Marsagishilli all the way.. love this wrestler

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    Lashgari beat marsagishvili at the world cup as well, lost the 1st period badly then broke him in the next 2.

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    Default Re: 84 kg freestyle- Olympic predictions

    Im a big Herbert fan, but have somewhat tempered expectations. Listening to Jake he puts so much emphasis on mental toughness, strength, conditioning and maybe misses the boat on improving his technical weakness. I feel that is where he lacks the most.

    I love how tough he is and in a different era his "outwork the world" mentality might be just what he needed for Olympic Gold. However, Im afraid his technical shortcomings will outweigh his physical and mental preparation. Id love to and hope to be wrong.
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