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Thread: Olympic coverage

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    Bbc feed only shows one mat (for judo anyway), im expecting the same for wrestling. Nbc is the only broadcaster i know of showing both mats.

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    eurovision - - Access Restrictions
    shows all events live.
    there are 12+ channels on the main page.
    click on "programme guide" to see the time schedule and the particular channels.
    they are going to show 2 mats in wrestling (past 3 days they showed only 1 mat in judo).

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    My stream was far too choppy yesterday, though the commercials were smooth as butter. Hopefully they'll fix the glitches and up the bandwidth by the time wrestling gets started.

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    That makes me feel better. If eurovision is going to show all mats then bbc will probably have it as well.

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    bbc coverage has been really good so far. You can watch everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudoWrestler View Post
    bbc coverage has been really good so far. You can watch everything.

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    BBC Sport - London 2012 Olympics

    I've been watching the weightlifting and coverage is really good. I am pretty sure they have everything. Not sure if you can watch it in America.

    You might have to root around for it though.

    This is the event I am waiting for.... bored of watching little japs lift.
    BBC Sport - London 2012 Olympics - Behdad Salimikordasiabi : Iran, Weightlifting

    And i got a negative reputation... wtf?

    Here is an example of catch up for the judo. It has the morning and evening session from the day and you can select the match by competitor.

    BBC Sport - London 2012 Olympics - Judo Schedule for Monday 30 July : Grid View
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