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Discuss Arm-Spin Awards- World Cup and Russian Nationals at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The usual disclaimers apply: I don't have time to watch all the matches and Outstanding ...
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    Default Arm-Spin Awards- World Cup and Russian Nationals

    The usual disclaimers apply: I don't have time to watch all the matches and Outstanding Wrestler is for the best preformance, not the best wrestler.

    World Cup
    Tough to pick here- such a great event with many awesome matches!

    OW- Coleman Scott, USA. Turned a lot of heads with his preformance, winning with great scrambling and timely scoring. Knocked off the bronze medalist from Japan in a wild bout.

    Runner-up- Reza Yazdani, Iran. If not for that odd loss to Georgia on a last second turn he wins this hands down. Just rips the face off last year's silver and bronze medalist. Also, his 3 pt throws from a single leg are something else.

    Golden Pylon- no one really comes to mind, even Taghavi brought it at this tournament. Ideas?

    Best Match- Burroughs vs Japan. JB was the one who got hit with double legs repeatedly, and he had that "why is this happening?" look on his face throughout. To his credit, though, he came back to win a barnburner. Gayzumov/Yazdani was pretty memorable for all the extracurricular stuff.

    Russian Nationals:
    OW- Gadisov. Beat Muradov/Saidov/Gatsalov back-to-back-to-back. Just brutal. Some clinches and some controversy but he was the better guy in each match.

    Golden Pylon- as mentioned on the other thread, so shortage of candidates here with 10 friggin' clinches in the final (heavyweight the only bout without one). However in the end this goes to the original Golden Pylon, Denis Tsargush himself, for the ability to make an Adam Saitiev match boring.

    Best Match- I really enjoyed Otarsultranov/Lebedev. Great scrambling and Otar's heavy hands really pay off. The Otar/Israpilov and Sat's crazy quarterfinal where he hits a massive headlock throw are awesome too.
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