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Discuss Freestyle World Cup 2012 at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The question is whether yazdani can beat gadisov ... i think the smart money is ...
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    The question is whether yazdani can beat gadisov ... i think the smart money is on gad .

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    Default Re: Freestyle World Cup 2012

    Its interesting to see how things have kind of come together for Gadisov since he went up to 96 kilos.

    I remember he was kind of the favorite in 09 at 84 kilos before he got knocked off by Herbert, then he kind of just (seemingly) bounced around for a year and a half or two years at 84 before he went up.
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    If I remember correctly Gadisov was kind of in the same situation that Urishev is in now. He, Urishev, Saritov and Ktsoev all can't score on each other, and the one who won the clinches got to go to worlds. I think he's the favorite for the Russian Nationals this year but in no way guaranteed.

    I think Gadisov has beaten Yazdani before. Would be a hell of a rematch. Yazdani is just so powerful and explosive.

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    He beat yazdani in a tight match in premier league, they said yazdani was injured, he was coming off worlds as well, but gadisov is a beast i've always like his wrestling but he seemed to choke in big matches so it will be interesting to see what happens at russian nationals, gadisov, muradov, saidov, gatsalov, ketoev, aliev, akhmedov, belonovsky, ridiculous depth.

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    I have always been a big fan of Gatsalov. I hope he wins it and gets another shot at the olympics. But Gadisov has looked very impressive in some of the videos

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