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    Today's (May 8) practice of the Dagestani top wrestlers.


    Shirvani Muradov practicing dirty moves & holds (also Kuramagomedov and Makhov appear in this video)

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    the is great. any footage of strength training and conditioning?

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    Short video from yesterday's practice.
    Unbelievable results from working out. Look at Makhov when taking off his t-shirt at 1:45.

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    Gadisov vs. Gatsalov in training - YouTube cool practice match.

    Question regarding training- why do many top Russian wrestlers- Kudukov and Lebedev come to mind- compete so little? Is this a strategic decision or do they do non-wrestling things for much of the year?

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    Гаджиев-Азиев 1п.MTS - YouTube
    Гаджиев-Азиев -2-3 п.MTS - YouTube

    Gadhziev training, was metcalf training here or ossetia when everybody was saying that he was killing everyone in practice?

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