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Thread: Last chance qualifier question

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    I saw that 84 kg matchup too. Brutal. Abdusalomov hasn't really done anything since the Olympic silver and Ganev's results are all over the place. Wouldn't shock me if neither of them qualified, to be honest.

    The two Canadian guys Pineda and Adamson (who posts here sometimes, I think) have as good a draw as can reasonably be expected.
    Abusalomov must have read this post the guy came out like a cannon at this tournament, i don't think he scored less than 2 points in every period he won, firemans carry's all over the place, like watching farniev at 66. - Channel FILA Wrestling videos
    Crazy match vs bentinidis, bentinidis was pinned at the start if the official was awake. - Channel FILA Wrestling videos

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    I'll definitely watch those, glad he's back to form.

    Not sure what the database says, but Shahin is definitely the defending Olympic champ. He has struggled since though with weight, illness, and inconsistent wrestling.

    The craziness at greco continues. Albiev, who dominated 60 kg 4 years ago, did not qualify at 66- heads are going to roll in Russia! Brutal top bracket at 84 with 3 former champs present- Marinov makes it through. The South African won a bronze medal when everyone else on the "B" side forfeited

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    That match with the Greek was awesome! Interesting strategy, he seemed to give up the tech deliberately in the 2nd.

    Man, Marinov might be the new standard for "Golden Pylon"- has this guy ever attempted a takedown? Beats the South African 1-0, 3-0, I bet he could win with a tech fall if you paid him enough. One offensive point in 3 periods in the finas.

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