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Thread: World Freestyle Rankings

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    I won't argue that JensenS.

    I was going to try a p4p ranking, but it's just too hard for me. Kudukhov is a clear #1. I had Lebedev at #2 but with him likely missing the Olympics Burroughs slides uneasily into that spot. Gadisov maybe #3 even though his best worlds finish is 5th. Beyond that I just don't know. Yazdani maybe, but he has lost at least twice this year. Taghavi, Makhov and Tsargush should be up there but neither is #1 in their own weight class. When was the last time Sharifov lost?

    Maybe someone can give it a shot.

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    my p4p would be
    1)kudukhov(4x world champ, although i don't like his style that much he hasn't lost for years.)
    2)lebedev( looked like the kudukhov of 55 at worlds no-one was close, but didn't look himself at nationals, but still has proved himself)
    3)burroughs(still unbeaten in freestyle in a relatively short time he's done awesome.)
    4)taghavi (probably the most technical out of the top 5 p4p wrestlers, 2x world champ at a young age)
    5)gadisov/yazdani(not really much difference between them, yazdani winning worlds and beating basically every top wrestler in an agressive fashion, gadisov has been on a tear but not won worlds so i'd have them the same)

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    Where does Sharifov go on your list?

    What don't you like about Kudukhov's style? He's not a wild as he used to be, but he's still and aggressive, heavy-handed wrestler and an incredible scrambler (see Russian National finals). Also, not meaning to sound like a Taghavi-basher agaain, but what makes you think of him as the most technical? From what I've seen he plays a pretty simple game: good positional defense and that big double leg (and yes, singles and high-crotches too) to the out of bounds when it's there. I'd say Yazdani or Lebedev have a more diverse arsenal. Love Yazdani's single leg lift-and-throw, maybe the coolest move of any top freestyler today.

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