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Discuss Cejudo press conference. at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; No, I would believe it, because Ive heard all that stuff since he won his ...
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    No, I would believe it, because Ive heard all that stuff since he won his gold. Time and time again. 4 years of the same rags to riches story.

    I actually got to spend an entire evening with Henry, played pool with him and watched boxing. He was a cool guy because he wasnt trying to sell himself, just being himself. Very dedicated to exercise and his diet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    Well, I have to disagree with you guys on this. I've read Cejudo's book and you wouldn't believe actually how poor he was while growing up. The first time he even had his own bed or even his own pillow was when he moved in to the OTC. He childhood was horrible. You can't compare it to children in dagestan and chechnya because the kids there were not surrounded by the same type of wealth from other kids that he was. His childhood compared to his neighbors was just as bad as the kids in dagestan and chechnya compared to their neighbors.

    The guy knows of no other way to make money than what he's doing. I can't find fault in a person trying to make sure he never has to live the hobo life again. He isn't very well educated because of constant moving in the middle of the night and no real father figure to make sure he does his studies. I would hesitate to be so hard on a guy for trying to ensure that he doesn't go back to poverty.

    Now, maybe he needs to update his motivational speech so he isn't saying the same thing all the time, but I can't fault him for continuing to tell his story. I also won't fault Robles 4 years from now when you're all sick of hearing his story too.
    Ye i didn't mean to blatantly compare, but look at satiev brothers and batirov brothers multiple golds in their families at the highest level, in places where the dream is not to get shot that day, the football team in dagestan don't train or live there because its deemed too dangerous, apparently with signs and everything. But what i'm getting at is you never hear about that side from those guys you just hear about their love for wrestling and their competitive desires, its not about the money to them its about wrestling, i can't say the same about henry the last 4 years since the 08 olympics, but he wants to make his money all power to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    Proctor & Gamble had just ramped up advertising with him and his Mom in advance of London. Guess they'll be nixing that campaign in short order.
    This seems like an incredibly poor judgement by P&G. Did any knowledgeable wrestling followers think he had a good shot at a medal again? Was his losing at the trials even considered an upset?

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