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    Is Marsteller going 0-2 a huge disappointment or just what's to be expected from a high school sophmore? I think TOM predicted he would make the finals.

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    Really tough to say. Im sure he was dijsappointed, but he did not look himself to me. Got tired, which Ive never seen and seemed really one dimensional, when hes known for a variety of offense from his feet. I think it was an off tournament personally. TOM isnt the only one who thought hed make the finals. Itll be interesting to see how he does at Fargo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    I think it was an off tournament personally.

    Its not unprecedented for a high school guy at his level though to smash this tournament. Taylor Massa utterly laid waste to a 70 kilo bracket a few years ago after his sophomore year, and then did the same thing to a 74 kilo bracket last year after his junior year.
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