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    55kg kumar and yumoto qualify for india and japan, kumar wins the final through default.
    60kg Esmaeilpour beats dutt in the rematch of the asian championship final.
    66kg Navruzov(UZB) beats kazakh tanatarov in the final, tanatarov beat 2010 world champ kumar on the way to qualify, some say kumar threw the match, it looked a bit shady now i think of it, but well played out if it was a fix.
    74kg Kurbanov(uzb) beats takatani(jpn)
    84kg Lashgari beats abdusalamov in the semis, then pins Sokhiev in the final! He's starting to come on strong but still makes it look difficult losing the 1st period of the final by carrying sokhiev out of the mat giving up the point, then defends the clinch in the 2nd period and then comes on strong in the 3rd overwhelming sokhiev.
    96kg Kurbanov beats Iskandari (Anyone know where Iskandari is from sounds like an iranian name)
    120kg is tomorrow along with greco, hadi of iran the asian champ could face taymazov(mr universe) in the semis, mutalimov is on the other side of the draw.
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    So if you carry your opponent off the mat do they score a pushout?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    So if you carry your opponent off the mat do they score a pushout?
    They get the point unless you dump them to the ground as you take them off, and that goes for the clinch as well. They protested the call saying lashgari put him down to his feet, but it was rejected and sokhiev got another point. I remeber my wrestling coach carrying a friend out of the mat and being dq'ed, it was on purpose but i don't understand why that wasn't just a 1 point penalty.

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    I watched the match. Lashgari bearhugged Sokhiev in the centre of the mat, lifted him, carried him to the bounds and put him down to his feet but in the very second he was putting him down, he did one more step; so he stepped out of bounds before Sokhiev was down. That's why Sokhiev got the point. Next time Lash must count his steps more accurately. )))

    Iskandari is Tajik. And Tajiks are Iranians (in the broader sense).

    84 GR Nematpour - poor performance; lost 2 matches.

    74 GR Alizadeh got pinned in the first minute of his first match vs. a guy of Turkmenistan.

    55 GR Souryan qualified but lost the final to Hasegawa of Japan.

    120 FS Taimazov and Mutalimov qualified.

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    The tv reportage about the 2nd day (yesterday) of the qualification tourney begins in 15 minutes. They show the matches of Kazakh wrestlers and the finals.

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