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Thread: Yarygin 2012, Jan 27-29

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    hmmm would have rather seen Geduev and Tsargush...

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    The 2 best guys were in the finals.

    Wanna be in the final? Win then.

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    Watching Saitiev again was something else, even if Tsargush beat him. He wrestles like he's in a Hollywood production- spends half his time up in the air.

    Any video of Otasulranov?

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    day 2 brackets
    FS 60, 66; FW 48, 55, 63, 72

    some names are spelled/transliterated wrong.

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    55 final otarsultanov vs israpilov

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    Not necessarily true, if Geduev was in Tsargush's bracket they could have wrestled. It would be a match I want to see....

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    I thought geduev was supposed to be on tsargush's side? Satiev looked really good to me but seems to give up the leg too easily maybe thats him being rusty tsargush wrestled well in the semi and final looked to be gaining confidence, but he did have a pretty easy route where satiev wrestled 3 really strong guys on the way to the final. I think in 60kg chakaev will beat opan sat but lose to murtazaliev in the final, if sat makes the final i think he will beat murtazaliev, at 66 i think metcalf has a really good chance if all goes well and no home reffing, of making the final i think he would beat adam batirov but if gogaev is on his side of the bracket i think gogaev will beat metcalf. On the other side i think gadhziev comes through to the final, if he wrestles metcalf i think gadhziev is the slight favourate.
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    Good first match for Metcalf. Went to the 3rd where his scrambling and fitness won it for him. No Mavlet Barirov from what I can see in the bracket, which is too bad . All the other Russian guys are pretty interchangable as far as I am concerned, all very good but none especially dynamic or dominant.

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    yes, he beat lampezhev. but bad second match vs. spiridonov (kaz).
    XXIII International tournament in freestyle and women's wrestling series Golden Grand Prix "Ivan Yarygin"
    put the time at 13:50 and click on broadcast selected time.
    watch also the next match. the guy in red (tsabolov of ossetia, a young wrestler) reached the finals; will face there another ossetian - alan gogaev (2nd at the 2010 worlds).

    at 14:58 - another pin by tsabolov.
    at 15:08 gogaev pinning.

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