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    I recently attended a freestyle/greco tournament as a spectator with some non-wrestling friends. We spend some much time debating the merits and drawbacks of the current set of rules from an entertainment standpoint These are what some complete non-wrestlers thought:

    I felt quite embarassed trying to explain the excessively complicated scoring and tiebreaks . However, after getting the "best of 3" concept they understood without any real issues.

    By the end of the tournament, they were starting to correct the referees on some obviously bad calls. It was pretty funny. Apparently exposure isn't that complicated.

    They found greco more exciting than freestyle (yes, there were lots of big lift-and-throws.)

    The video replays were annoying, but they understood the point of them.

    "The heavyweights look like scary beast men, but man their matches are boring."

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    "The heavyweights look like scary beast men, but man their matches are boring."
    I'll second that notion.

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    Did they have any comments on the clinch?
    As a wrestling fan it is embarrassing to me to watch the refs trying to position the wrestlers and the random awarding of false starts. I would dread trying to explain the logic and rules to anyone new to international wrestling, maybe more so if they have a some folkstyle wrestling knowledge.

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    no comments abut the "ball grab?"

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    We stiill do a coin flip, so no ball grab. If I remember correctly they understood the concept of a tiebreaker, but thought it wasn't very fair and that a true overtime would be better. Or maybe I'm projecting my own thoughts

    I imagine the clinch would be MORE annoying to a folkstyler than a non-wrestling fan, just like playing the out-of-bounds line in folkstyle is more irritating to a freestyler.
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    fleeing used to be a tactic back in freestyle before they brought out the point, if ppl knew that their opponent was great at par terre, they would stay close to the edge, i personally like the out of bounds push ouut rule, some of the best scrambles are triggered by guys trying to avoid going out.

    as for the clinch, i find with talking to wrestlers from all over the world the only country that really has a beef is USA, they seem to be the only ones that complain about the rules now a days, but Metcalf seems to be doing well with them

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