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Thread: Karam gaber.

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    Default Karam gaber.

    Karam Gaber is back and he has also changed his weight category to lower 84 kilos. He wrestle tomorrow in Vantaa Cup.

    Photos of this week training camp in Finland:

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    Default Re: Karam gaber.

    Great thing that Karam is back, I hope that he have practiced well and makes it to the olympics.

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    he was really ripped at 96.. how he can wrestle at 84.. weird..

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    That's what I thought too Tomer.

    17th? What the hell?

    Gaber was surprisingly ineffective under the "reverse lift" rules, I was hoping he'll du better under the current set which emphasize standing wrestling more. Mind you he was a bit of a headcase even in his prime, in two world championships he curb-stomped his way to the finals and got upset there.

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    He should be wrestling another tournament in Finland next weekend, maybe he does better there. It would be awesome to see him throwing people from the feet again after such a long time.
    He was unbelievable good back in 2002-2004, I wish that he gets his thing going on again.

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    no more vitamin s?

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    Today he wrestled at the 2nd tournament in Finland, this time at 96 kg. His record 1:1. In the 2nd round, he lost to Hietaniemi of Finland 0:3, 5:0, 0:2.

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    Hietaniemi won Bronze at this year's world championships. It would be interesting to see his match vs Karam.

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    Here's their match from yesterday

    And here's Karam's first match of the tournament
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