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Thread: Karam gaber.

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    The parity in international greco is unreal. I just don't get it. These two guys were just destroying everyone in the world, now they are losing to everyone. And every year it seems like at least one guy comes out of nowhere to win a world championship and then disappear again.

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    Kvirkvelia got pinned (front lock) in the first round, in the first period of the match.
    By Aliyari of Iran, 5th at the 2011 junior worlds.

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    last match in this video, at 1:20:15

    DAY 2 | Mesogeian Wrestling Tournament 2012, DAY 2 | Mesogeian Wrestling Tournament 2012 | Larissa sportwebtvGR on USTREAM. Otros deportes

    Poor perfermance of Gaber in the 84-kg final at the Mediterranean championships, May 19, vs. unknown Shaban Karatash of Turkey.

    Some kind of irony: The match is held on one of the 2004 Olympic mats (the Mediterranean championships took place in Greece); it may have been the mat, on which Gaber won the Olympics.
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    Is the rest of the video worth watching Akzent? Gaber looks like he is really hunting for the big throw, at the expense of good positioning. He also takes a solid punch in the balls... poor guy.

    Tough month for Olympic champs in greco. Albiev DNQ for the Olympics at 66 (I wonder if he'll try to suck down to 60 again). Kvirkvelia apparently wrestled his last match at the Curby Cup, lsoing to Provisor. Provisor is a tough guy and all, but in his prime Kvirkvelia launches him all over the place. 2012 Curby Cup

    Ruiz retires as well, after pinning a Georgian guy with an arm-spin counter at the Curby cup

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    Dang, more bad officiating! Gaber gets punched in the doodads and gets dinged for a push out point!? Did they retract that point, or did it stand? WTF?
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