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Thread: USA VS RUSSIA Dual now

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    Hazewinkel beats Lachinov 0-1(defends clinch) 2-0 1-0(clinch), Lachinov looked to have scored as time ran out in the 3rd period, however hazewinkel impressed me i thought lachinov was going to definately beat him, good win.
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    Humprey beats Bogomoev 1-0(defends clinch) 5-0, good comeback after worlds performance, although i know little of bogomoev.

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    Good job by Jordan against a very dangerous opponent. He made Valiev look bad.

    Speaking of looking bad, the Russan heavyweight looked like he was going to puke Sigman was just chasing him around the mat. Great wrestling by the American team, both on their feet and on par terre. I know these weren't the best Russians but I was still quite impressed.
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    metcalf over kurbanaliev 3-0 3-0, malikov beats howe 1-0 4-0, jordan beats valiev 0-1(clinch) 1-0 1-1 i'm pretty high on valiev but last few matches i've seen from him he looks as if he can't be bothered at all, nice superduck from jordan though. belenovsky beats kilgore 2-1 5-3, sigman beats bazrov 4-3 1-2 8-0, some interesting ref calls but sigman was the better wrestler, was quite impressive in leg attacks.
    Best performance for me was either hazewinkel or jordan beating two really good russians, metcalf was very solid also.

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    Ya I don't know what Valiev's problem is, in the past he was a very aggressive and exciting wrestler, his jr. world finals was an absolute barnburner.

    Same Belanovsky who was 2nd in the nationals last year?

    Howe needs a deep go-to attack, either that or become a clinch defense master. He's tough as all hell but he lost a similar match to a 66 kg wrestler at the Hargobind last week,

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    My congratulation! Great win! What about dual meet Oregon vs Russia ( jr)? Maybe somebody have any informations?

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    I heard it mentioned that even though the score was tied that one wrestler had the lead because he scored a 3 pt move, however the other wrestler had scored the last point. Just curious if I didn't hear it properly or what the rule is.
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    The tiebreakers is as follows: first tiebreaker is least number of cautions (ie if it's 3-3 and I have a caution and you don't, you win.) Second tiebreaker is single highest-scoring move (ie if it's 3-3 and I score a 3 pt throw while you score 3 takedowns, I win.) Final tiebreaker if everything else is equal is last point scored. Because cautions and big throws are relatively uncommon in high-level freestyle this is the tiebreaker we are most familiar with.

    Unnecessarily complicated? Absolutely, but those are currently the rules.

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