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Thread: Canadian Olympic Trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnklePicker2 View Post
    Any videos posted anywhere?

    I logged into flo just in time to see Bond celebrating like a crazy person in the 66kg Greco final. Didn't get to see any actual matches...
    I watched them during the live stream (even though I couldn't hear an announcer say who they were) but I can't find them posted either. It was good wrestling, I just wish I would've known who was who. Maybe flo will post them later.

    I do have a question for arm-spin, though. Why wasn't anyone sitting at the tables right next to the mats? That looked like prime seating to me.

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    Anklepicker; as far as I know flowrestling was just streaming the Canadian broadcast. I wouldn't hold my breath on individual matches. The OAWA forum has some pretty good play by play.

    Quinn, those tables were reserved for officials, diginitaries, organizers, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Quinn, those tables were reserved for officials, diginitaries, organizers, etc.
    Well then I see a golden opportunity for them to open the tables up for people who donate to the Olympic cause. I assume Canada takes donations to help train athletes and keep up facilities. That would be a nice incentive to donate more. Think about it. If someone donates a lot of money and gets to not only sit at a matside table, but also get free beer, you could expand your donation base. Maybe have the biggest donars at the front table and then have a lottery for all the people who donated 10k or more (that's an arbitrary number). Jeez, I see corporations donating money and using the tickets to take potential clients to the matches, much like they do in America for baseball and football games (I assume they do that in Canada for hockey already). It's actually a good idea for any country looking to raise more money for the Olympics.

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