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Thread: Pan Am Games

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    Pretty good tournament, especially with Venzuela's recent improvements. Includes Lopez at 120 kg greco and Burroughs at 74 kg fs. Themat is doing weight-by-weight reviews here:
    2011 Pan American Games Greco-Roman wrestling preview | - USA Wrestling

    Canadian team, via the OAWA forum. Here's hoping Gentry gives Burroughs a good go.
    Men's Freestyle:

    Steven Takahashi 55 kg
    Ryley Walker 60 kg
    Haislan Garcia 66 kg
    Matt Gentry 74 kg
    Jeff Adamson 84 kg
    Khetag Pliev 96 kg
    TBD 120 kg


    Shawn Daye-Finley 66 kg
    Eric Feunekes 84 kg
    Korey Jarvis 96 kg

    Women's Freestyle

    Carol Huynh 48 kg
    Tonya Verbeek 55 kg
    Justine Bouchard 63 kg
    Ohenewa Akuffo 72 kg

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    hey arm spin, is takashi related to ray?

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    Father and son, I believe.

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    Is Ncube still competing?

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    yes, he won the commonwealth championships in august

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    Ncube placed 2nd to Gentry at the nationals last year, I think the #1's had first choice to go.

    Injury news: Garcia and Akuffo are out, to be replaced with Ryan Lue (66 fs) and Leah Callahan (72 kg women)
    Nick Simmons is out, to be replaced with Obe Blanc.

    Kind of surprised Fuenkes is wrestling 84 kg greco, I don't know much about him but I thought he was a good sized 96 kg. Placed 3rd in the nationals last year at that weight. Word on the Canadian forum is that Latour, the 84 kg Greco champ, might not be able to make the weight anymore.

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    didn't gsp make the team? this should be his first step toward an olympic team.

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    Other than Fuenkes, all the guys going were #1 or #2 at last year's Canadian championships. GSP did not compete. I would be shocked if he actually shows up at the Olympic trails in December.

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    So is this one of the Olympic qualifiers?
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