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Discuss Saitiev/Gaidrov match at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Gaidarov Murad (BLR) vs Saitiev Bouvaisa (RUS) - YouTube I just watched this 2003 world ...
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    Default Saitiev/Gaidrov match

    Gaidarov Murad (BLR) vs Saitiev Bouvaisa (RUS) - YouTube
    I just watched this 2003 world final. A few thoughs...
    Who do you guys have as the winner? Saitiev is going forwards most of the match, but Gaidrov takes the only 2 shots. Saitiev could be utterly dominant at times, but other times he squeaked through on mental toughness, as well as several close calls going in his favor.

    We all love to complain about the clinch, but is this really better? Nine minutes of wrestling with only penalty points scored, and then the officials pick a winner?

    Finally, anyone got the link to their rematch at the Olympics? Or can at least describe what happened? I know Saitiev won on a controvertial clinch all and Gaidrov started a fight, but I'd like details.

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    Default Re: Saitiev/Gaidrov match

    2003 - Saitiev had a face bone broken. He wrestled as he could in that condition. Gaidarov knew this but didn't want to use the situation. That's why the match is boring. I can recall Saitiev himself or his coach saying good words about Gaidarov after the match.

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    Default Re: Saitiev/Gaidrov match

    Some guy jumped out of the stands (I'm assuming he was Chechen) and went after Gaidarov. They went shot for shot until people broke them up.

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