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Thread: Fila kills itself

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    Default Fila kills itself

    I think the worst thing about FILA is there pull through/wrestle back rules. Its an unseeded draw yet if you drop an early round your basically done. This detracts from the level of competition and NEVER I mean Never do the best 3 guys medal because of early rd matchup issues. I realize this is a time constraint issue but wrestlers are gladiators if you drop a match your punishment is you have to wrestle 10x per day to medal. Two bronze medals are being deprived of the opportunity to watch Vachadze from Russia come back after a loss is bullshit and it cheats the fans!

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    I think its the fairest way you lose to the best early you can still go for bronze.

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    Default Re: Fila kills itself

    I hate the pull through system, but I think a small modificaiton that would make it a little fairer is that if you lose to a semi0finalist you get into the repecharge.
    This is how international Judo works.

    I also never understood why there are two bronze medalists. Why not wrestle one more match?

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    Default Re: Fila kills itself

    The whole point is to "spread the wealth", and more countries get more medals due to repechage and the extra bronze medalists. It's the infamous "No Wrestler Left Behind" Act!
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    There is nothing fair about it, fair is the ability to compete until you have been defeated twice just like NCAA's or any other true tournament. There should also be the opportunity for a true 2nd in my opinion that way the medals go to the right people. Without seeding the current method is ridiculous and even if they did seed we all know how home countries and wheel greasing works so that is out of the question as well unless it is strictly criteria based no discussions.

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    Default Re: Fila kills itself

    I think this sort of think makes no sense to your average American wrestling fan & thusly turns them off a bit. Too bad. They should change that.

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    your right the average us fan is turned off. But wrestling is a huge sport in the rest of the world.
    and they like
    the rules. So they should change them because we don't like them?

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    Default Re: Fila kills itself

    You're talking about the organization that gave us the clinch, the multi-level tiebreakers and the comical officiating and you're complaining about the brackets?

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    Good point Arm-Spin.

    It's just silly that someone could very easily be the worst wrestler in the world(for the sake of the argument, me) I draw Kudukhov in the first round. He pins me in 4 seconds. Because I drew the worlds best and he makes the finals, I get to wrestle again? Huh?
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