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Thread: Fisher out, Proviser in

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    Default Fisher out, Proviser in

    Sorry to say Snackem, Fisher broke his foot and Proviser leaves for worlds tomorrow morning.

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    Default Re: Fisher out, Proviser in

    I'm claiming retroactive points for the fantasy WTT league. Those 10 points push me into 3rd place.

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    Provisor out, Bisek in. Provisor said he "not sufficiently prepared." I don't know a thing about this guy, but that sounds like code for "can't make weight on time" to me.
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    Definitely could be the case especially considering Provisor has wrestled 84kg before, but it's also significant to me that Bisek is in Europe training with Fisher and has been the whole time. If weight is the issue that may be almost incidental to the fact that Bisek has been training hard to prepare Fisher and Provisor has perhaps not been training at that level which also would make the cut difficult.

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