View Poll Results: Who will win the worlds at 74 kg?

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  • Tsargush (Russia) 2x defending champ

    12 63.16%
  • Goudrazi (Iran) 2x medallist

    1 5.26%
  • Chamasurlaev (Azerbayjan) 2x medallist

    0 0%
  • Burroughs (USA)

    6 31.58%
  • Gabor (Hungary) bronze medallist

    0 0%
  • other

    0 0%
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Thread: 74 kg- world championship predictions

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    Are you really making the argument that 74kg is such a strong weight class that people have moved away from it who are still capable of going 74? Aldatov and Tigiev aren't capable of making 74 any longer, they weren't scared of Tsargush, both wrestlers were much more effective at the lower weight. There are almost no veterans from Satiev's days at this weight, especially with Chamsulvaraev no longer representing Azerbaijan. Can you please be more specific to support your argument, who exactly has avoided 74 b/c it was too tough in the last few years? I can't think of a single wrestler.

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    Rumors: Soslan Tigiev will wrestle at 74.

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    Way to discredit everything I've said akzent, jeez!

    Tough to say whether to favor Tigiev over Burroughs because he didn't have much success up at 84kg, I believe losing a match to Herbert. If the cut isn't a problem for him then he will be a difficult opponent for anyone as he's only 27 years old and recently won an Olympic silver in one of the toughest brackets of all time then a year later beat Farniev and Chamsulvaraev for the Grand Prix title. I would rank 74kg right now as Tsargush (heavy favorite), Goudarzi, Burroughs, Tigiev and pretty unclear after that.
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    I would rank the top 4 the same way as you. Tough to say with Tigiev- I wouldn't be shocked if he won it all (he was that good in 2008, took a round off Saitiev in the finals) or if he DNP.

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