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    Wrestling Canada Lutte | CAWA News Article

    Some of the top wrestlers, especially at 66 (Kumar, Garcia, Barnes) who are eligible didn't enter.

    Two great preformances for Canada- Cleo earns OW after winning the 74 kg finals over Asian champ Yadav. Due to the strange crossover pool system this tournament has, he's the first OW I've ever heard of who lost a match!

    Sunny Dhinsa, still in high school, won the freestyle title and placed 3rd in greco at 120 kg. This one week after going 1-1 at the jr worlds. This guy just never stops wrestling!

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    are you saying cleo lost a match? an to who?

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    According to the article above, Cleo lost to the Indian Yadav in the pool portion of their competition. However, this tournament's format allows the pool's second place finisher to wrestle a cross-over match instead of being eliminated. Cleo did so and wrestled his way into the finals, where he wrestled Yadav again and won.

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    crazy, ps saeed azarbayjani told me that in one of the world championships, the great alireza heydari won OW gettin the bronze medal by beating romero in what was an incredible match, but this is only what i heard from saeed, also saytiev the year he lost the maxach at in the yarigan finals, he won OW only getting 2nd place

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    I think FILA's OW is awarded based on number of points scored or something like that... whatever criteira they use, it surely can't be "best wrestler" if it doesn't always go to a gold medallist. If I remember correctly Gaber and an Iranian 55 kg both won OW in years when they did not win the title in Greco.

    Fila has "wrestler of the year" listed on their website, and some of them aren't world champions either. I think they use a formula with several tournaments included, but it just seems wrong to me.

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