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Discuss International wrestling rankings at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I was just might be interesting to do some international rankings similiar to the ...
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    Default International wrestling rankings

    I was just might be interesting to do some international rankings similiar to the college one we did...
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    Default Re: International wrestling rankings

    Its an idea that Schlottke and I have spoken about, as well as possibly doing something like a "Top 25" for high school. One thing we've come up with that will need to be worked around is the fact that many won't necessarily know as much about the International guys especially, and then the High School guys in a sense as well.

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    Default Re: International wrestling rankings

    The best resolution we have so far is to identify the athlete and display their credentials along side of them. This works well for international competition, however, I am unsure the same credentials are fair or extremely helpful in HS. HS has only a few comparable events; Cadet and Junior Nationals, Regional Tournaments, etc... the only problem is that these events are FS and GR, and there are many good HS wrestlers who do not do much FS or GR.

    The more we talk about it as a group, the better we can decide how to approach an automatic ranking system for these two (and other) groups.

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