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Discuss Cael - It's all about matchups at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Cael is easily our top wrestler in international freestyle right now. He walked through our ...
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    Default Cael - It's all about matchups

    Cael is easily our top wrestler in international freestyle right now. He walked through our competition. Many believe he will win World title and Olympic Gold.

    Don't you see the Russians and all the 'stans' scouting his matches heavily and then searching and preparing specific wrestlers to counter what they see him doing?

    Don't know if they will be successful as they did it with Dan Gable and he still won. I hope Cael can still win given the effort they will put into getting a man on the mat they hope will do the job.

    What kind of wrestling style will the IronCurtain countries have to come up with to successfully challenge and maybe beat Cael? A good technical wrestler who can also beat on him? The 'beat on him' types have given him problems in the past. Is he beyond that now? Is his analysis and maturity going to allow him to overcome the brawling types who are also technically sound as these countries may put on the mat?

    What are they going to to to counteract our top guy?

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    Default Re: Cael - It's all about matchups

    I don't know that the prospect of wrestling Sanderson is quite as intimidating to wrestlers who haven't grown up in America. In 2004 there were guys good enough (Sajidov, Gatsalov, Romero 2/3 times) to straight-up beat Sanderson as a takedown game. I don't think anyone that good is competing at 84 today, which is why I believe Sanderson has a chance to win despite the long layoff.

    Most guys will probably try to keep Sanderson's hand off their heads and try to avoid their ankle picks, and do whatever they do best. Of the top contenders.. Sokhiev will stall like hell, and try to hit that one double leg takedown or pushout. Aldatov will try to rack up points on his ankle lace early and then hang on for dear life. Ganev, the defending world champ, is a brawler but he is smaller than Sanderson and hasn't wrestled well this year- I think Sanderson would beat him pretty convincingly. I don't know much about the Russian champ Saritov.

    In the past, Sanderson- like other American wrestlers- would sometimes get in trouble by getting unbalanced in a scramble position and giving up back points. As long as he keeps to clean shots he should be fine, but if he gets caught under guys they will try to chest or crotch throw him Hopefully wrestling mostly folkstyle with his team hasn't re-inforced bad habits.

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    Default Re: Cael - It's all about matchups

    Will they be scouting his matches heavily looking for someone who can beat him?

    I doubt it somehow.

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