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Thread: Humphrey Might Not Be the World Team Rep

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Does anyone else think we wouldnt be in this predicament if they werent drilling partners?
    I think the problem is Bunch is a bit of a head case. He has all the skill in the world but he needs to be more smart and consistent with his matches. I havent' seen the WTT bouts yet but he wrestled a terrible tactical match in the US open finals. Humphery is a guy known for his throws and Bunch decides to lock up and push repeatedly.

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    In my opinion, that's exactly what happened the second time around as well. Bunch absolutely dominated the first match something like 4-0,5-0 then Humphrey made some adjustments and Bunch wrestled to Reece's strengths. Humphrey wrestled really well in the third match, but Bunch looked almost broken at that point. I'm sure it's frustrating to compete against someone you're so used to wrestling and who knows exactly how to beat you, but he has no excuse to have those mental lapses if we expect him to win medals for us at the world level.

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