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Thread: watching boredom a US Nationals

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    Default watching boredom a US Nationals

    I had the TheMat feeds on and was watching when a friend came over. If have a 24 inch graphic arts monitor that shows well. He sat through six matches, asking questions from time to time. As he left I asked what he thought.

    "boring, all they do is push each other. What's with the pushing a guy out to get a point? Life his leg and run for the edge? how lame. Sumo at least has some kind of show involved. How come only their friends or parents are in the stands? Not much is happening and the referee keeps making them stand up. How come the bottom guy just lays there?"

    To say he was not impressed is an understatement.

    He has seen some High School matches and is not completely unfamiliar with the sport. Safe to say he won't be watching much Freestyle or Greco in the future.

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    Are you saying that he won't watch F/G but woudl watch HS/C? Is that the point, or are you saying we lost a potential fan altogether?

    Maybe for perspective you could have shown him some exciting international matches like from worlds to show what these guys are working hard for. I think context plays a lot into it. Is it a consy match, early round between scrubs, or the finals of Ware vs Metcalf, and knowing the history and pedigree of the athletes helps make it more exciting.

    I'm not trying to say our sport is exciting to the lay person, or even exciting all the time to the experienced fan, but it is all of our job to try and promote the sport as best we can. Maybe you could have talked with your friend about the matches and the scoring and then shown him some exciting footage? Not faulting you, but it's a little like good coaching, your friend may not have seen the glory in the sport from those few matches, but maybe you could have helped him find the way?

    There are a lot of sports (like, all of them) that can be and are boring. Apparently in cross country all you do is run. ;^)
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    Is he into other combat sports like MMA or boxing? Because those fans, even if completely unfamiliar with wrestling previously, are more likely to enjoy freestyle. Might also be that US freestyle wrestling isn't as exciting as abroad, at least in my opinion, though this particular US Open had some great matches. I've shown friends who don't know a thing about freestyle and their jaw dropped watching Satiev, John Smith and even random competitive matches.

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    He does watch some boxing and some HS Wrestling. The pushfests he saw when he came over just didn't show much all.
    As for showing him other matches - was watching the US Open and wouldn't switch from that for anyone.
    The push out rule sucks. Get a guys leg and run him out of bounds for a point? Looks bush league.
    Glad Cael won. Hope he keeps it going and adds one World and one Olympic Gold this and next year. Minimal time out of his coaching position and you could not buy better advertising for Penn State.

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    You don't mention what day, what session, or what matches you two were watching. I and my 22 year old son watched the Saturday night finals, mainly for the 55K, cos that's what size he is, and the 84K, of course. Simmons, what nice freestyle moves! I am now a fan of the East Lansing Strangler. I wasn't before those finals. And Sanderson, what mat savvy,position, and beautiful use of hips. Hey, the last three years I've told our high school freestylers to watch the Russian Nationals highlites to see what being in that "freestyle state of mind" is all about. Was it two flukes in the all too cautious and boring USA freestyle or are the overseas tournaments having an effect on our coaches and wrestlers? We'll see in September.

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    Sorry that he didn't care for it, but I think that if you have some sort of base for: Rules, Strategy, Technique you can find it a lot more entertaining.

    I watched every day of the WTT's and was thoroughly entertained the entire time. I thought it was the most entertaining and enjoyable World Team Trials I'd ever seen(even though no hawks)

    I don't think many people could sit and watch with no foundation at all. If you knew the wrestlers, their backgrounds, etc I think it would be much more interesting.

    Sorry he didn't enjoy it though.
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    I'm sorry he didn't enjoy it as well. Part of the problem was heavyweights. He has seen HS heavies and thought the freestyle guys would be a lot more athletic and actually do something. Either way I doubt he will watch international freestyle again unless it is an olympic final with a US guy.

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    I haven't watched them all yet but I thought the Sanderson/Herbert matches, the Simmons/Haze matches and the first Burroughs/Howe match was great.

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