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Thread: Aliev Tourney 2011, May 21-22

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    Past few days, I posted some information in the Asia championships? thread. Here the summary: 3 years after the Olympics, Shirvani Muradov is coming back. Having heard about this Gatsalov decided to enter the tourney seeking revenge for 2008 loss at the nationals in a match which was decisive for who would make the Olympic team.

    Today ? 20 participants at 96 kg. Gatsalov and Shirvani Muradov were seeded: they got no. 1 and no. 20 respectively.

    Well they will not meet in the finals: Gatsalov lost in the semis.

    First round ? bye.
    In the next 2 rounds, he wrestled less known Caucasian guys: Koratov 3:1, 6:0; Bagaev 1:0, 2:0.
    In the semis, he lost to Arslanbek Aliev in 3 periods; no details available.
    (Arslanbek Aliev placed 2nd at the 2010 nationals. Varner beat him in the quarters of 2011 Yarygin.)

    In the first round, he beat Magomed Musaev in 2 periods; both ended with clinch. In the second one, Musaev took hold but couldn?t score.
    (Magomed Musaev is the guy who actually beat Gatsalov for the 3rd place at the 2010 nationals. Gatsalov won that match only with referee?s help ? recall the caution that was given Musaev 3 seconds before winning the second period.)
    YouTube - ‪96

    In the second round, Muradov beat Riza Yildirim of Turkey 6:0, 6:0.
    In the quarters, he beat a Caucasian guy 3:0, 7:0.
    Semis: Muradov beat Shamil Akhmedov (2011 Yarygin champ; Varner?s opponent at Times square) in 3 periods. Score not known yet; Muradov won the 2nd period from the clinch. Spectators sent messages that there were some controversial decisions (and nearly a fight provoked as usually by Murad Gaidarov) and that Akhmedov appeared to them to be a little bit better than Muradov.
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    74 kg final Makhach Mutazaliev vs. Ashraf Aliev (AZE).

    To reach the final, Murtazaliev wrestled 3 matches. He faced his younger brother Musa and beat him (Caucasian matches between brothers are always arranged) 0:1 clinch, 2:1, 2:1. In the semis, he had problems with a 19 years old guy - 2:1, 1:0 clinch.

    120 kg final Bakhtiar Akhmedov vs. 2011 Euro champ Chakiroglu (TUR).
    In the semis, Cakiroglu beat Alexis Rodrigues (now AZE) 1:0 clich, 1:0. Rodrigues appears to have huge problems after cutting weight.

    In the other semifinal, Akhmedov beat the lanky Taha Akg?l (TUR), 2nd at the 2010 jr. worlds. On his way into the semis, the young Turkish wrestlers beat experienced opponents - Basiev (ARM) and Ali Isaev (AZE).

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    Rod is too big for 264 now. He no longer follows the Cuban diet.

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    He lost also the 3rd place match vs. an unknown local guy (one of the many Magomedovs). He won the 1st period 4:0. His opponent won the second one from the clinch and scored in the third.
    In the other 3rd place match, Akg?l (TUR) beat Bartnicki (POL).
    For the 1st place: Bakhtiar Akhmedov vs. Chakiroglu 2:0, 0:1 clinch, 2:0 clinch.

    96 kg
    3. Gatsalov vs. unknown (one of the many Gadzhievs) 7:0, 5:0.
    3. Shamil Akhmedov v. Riza Yildirim (TUR) 2:1, 4:3.
    Muradov didn't show up in the final.

    74 kg - Mahach Murtazaliev won.

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    did gadisov wrestle? And muradov pulled out?
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    Gadisov didn't wrestle.

    Actually, Muradov got disqualified after the semis for pointing "one big and thick" (as one of the spectators wrote) to the officials. That obviously means it was not just the finger, but the arm up to the elbow joint.
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    man i wanna see these matches, an i am thrilled to hear makach has won, perhaps a comeback?

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    Hmmm. Other spectators say Muradov wasn't disqualified. Not clear what happened there. Anyway, he was called to come for the awards ceremony but he didn't appear.

    Some details from the semis: Shamil Akhmedov won the 1st period. In the 2nd period, he scored from the clinch but for any reasons the referees didn't confirm and let them take hold again; this time Muradov won.

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    Anyone know of any videos posted?

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