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Thread: 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics - Wrestling

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    Men 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics - Wrestling

    This is not my opinion I just wanted to know what people thought of this. We have all heard people complaining about the result by the U.S. wrestlers at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and were they ready to wrestle well of course the obvious USA's Henry Cejudo wins wrestling gold he is a animal. But where was everyone else? American Wheeler takes bronze medal.
    Now back to the question at hand is the Olympic U.S. Trials a good thing or a bad thing? Yes they all need compatition but this is one weekend, someone can be off anygiven day. These guys work their blood, sweat, and tears year around. SO the next question I would like to know your opinion about is do you think the U.S. coaches that year should pick there own teams and the people on them, so they can work with them year around. Not just two or three months out of the year right before the Olympics. Or should they take all the number one guys at there weight classes from the year before the Olympics and have that be the team for the upcoming Olympics?
    I just hate seeing a wrestler that 9 out of 10 times is going to beat that same guy and then that guys when the 10th at the U.S. Olympic Trials. For example Jake Deitchler vs Harry Lester 2008 Olympic Wrestling Trials nothing against Deitchler but Lester worked so hard not saying Deitchler didn't but Lester was a proven winner number one U.S. wrestler at his weight class. I just hate seeing that! Does it make for good wrestling? Ya I love watching the underdog win but this isn't a little kids club tourney. Again I am not saying they should do this and I am not trying to disrespect anyone I just wanted to see what people thought. I think it will make for good conversation.
    GO CLONES!!!!!!!!!!

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    The US system will never change

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    I like the US system. If the coaches got to pick their would be too much favoritism and politics. Sure, Lester would have gone, but Wheeler would have stayed home. It is also possible that Cejudo would have stayed home as well and coaches might have gone with Abas because of his resume and experience.

    US track and Field has the same all or nothing system for its Olympic trials and every time there are Gold medal favorites that end up missing the team. However, the US track team is almost always the leader in medal count. The problem is not the system, it is because our wrestlers learn folkstyle and we just are not that good in Freestyle.

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    Sunny Day! Re: 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics - Wrestling

    I thinkk that could be true if they would make it fair. Just like Dan Gable said tonight at Midlands, " MMA is taking away from wrestling." They need to make a way to work it out so we keep our international wrestling at it peak! Well if you can make millions of dollars what are you going to do.

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    The US system sux! You can figure out an opponents style and be successful againest a certain style without the ability to withstand the rigors of internatioinal tourneys.
    There should be a point system in place to make the olympic team and the US trials should be used for tie breakers period.
    Rowlands was a better Hwt, Lester better 45.5, I love Hrovat but he wasn't our best either.

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    ODH has a point... I think the problem is less the selection system than the lack of gold medal contenders in the United States at the present time. Harry Lester may have won a medal at 66, but who is to say? If his weight/nerves/whatever were messing with him during the trails, why would it be any different during the actual olympics?

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