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Thread: Favorite Wrestling Matches

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    Videos Favorite Wrestling Matches

    since the forum talk has slowed down, please help me out of this boredom. how about you guys share links to your favorite matches. i promise to watch
    all of them, unless they are posted by big. b/c i don't like big's opinion, and i thus dont like anything that he likes. i'm kidding. well, kind of. please link me
    to some good vids!

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    Gene Mills v. Anatoli Beloglozov

    Randy Lewis v. Simeon Shterev

    John Smith beating the holy hell out of Tom Brands

    All of these from quicksingle

    John Smith and Randy Lewis in their three match series from the 88 Trials. These are from Frontheadlock

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    ok, mr. jensen, i watched them all. i had watched many of them in the past, but re-watched them. you are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you for providing me with some entertainment.

    any other matches i should watch? i think i got to the end of youtube.

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    Have you been here?

    There's a wide variety of video there - some of it unidentified.

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    Thank also from Holland, city Utrecht!!

    Youtube the best
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    Who's wrestling in that last match?

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    Li Jae-Sik v. Lee Sang-Ho 1987 World Championships

    48 kg final from the 1987 World Championships in Clermont-Ferrand France.

    The North Korean in blue is the defending World Champion.

    One of the most exciting come from behind wins I've ever seen.

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    I don't know how to post it, but one of the greatest matches I've ever seen was the 96kg Greco final in the 2004 Olympic games.

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