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Thread: Toughest Freestyler ever?

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    Default Toughest Freestyler ever?

    My vote goes to Osamu Watanabe of Japan. 169-0 in international competition. Never taken down in any of those matches.

    What other good candidates are out there? (any weight)

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    movahed was unstoppable for years in the 60's technically he was the perfect wrestler.

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    I want to know where Wantanabe got all those wins. If I remember correctly he is a 1x Olympic champ, 2x world champ. What other tournaments did he win
    to get to 169 victories?

    A couple of more recent studs: Adam Saitiev isn't one of the greatest of all time, but winning 2x world titles and multiple Russian, European and Yarygin titles essentially wrestling up a weight is pretty friggin' tough. Gatsalov has got to be one of the mentally toughest; he isn't head and shoulders above his competition in technique or physical talent but he is unreal at winning close matches consistently.

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    Yarigin pinning 7 of 7 in 1972 Olympics.......and winning several World titles and the 1976 Olympics(although Russ Hellickson scared the hell out of him with his comeback) should get a vote.
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