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Thread: Breaking the tripod?

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    Default Breaking the tripod?

    Some of the 12 year olds in our club seem to really struggle with breaking the tripod (hands and feet defence) I use the leg inside to vine the leg and with the weight over the hips passing arm under and over the crotch to break and roll for two or control for possible pin.

    Any simple variation on this? bearing in mind that its freestyle.


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    Default Re: Breaking the tripod?

    are you referring to a banana split?
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    James Johnson Gut Wrench Series | Technique Tuesday | Flowrestling

    That video has a few gut wrench variations for tripods, might be easier than teaching him a banana split, but just my opinion

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    Inside leg and step on foot to drive near elbow down

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    Basic break down: from a gut wrench position, throw your forward and to one side. Your arm should make contact with the tricep of the guy in the tripod, this should buckle him down.

    If you have a solid gut wrench (ie aren't going to pin yourself) you can gut wrench, or even lift and throw, right from the tripod also. The tripod actually makes it easier to get your hips underneath for the gutwrench.

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    Thanks for the replies, the age thing seems to be more the problem I think... so I am reluctant to go with the gut wrench as it has to be hit with a number of actions and strength at the same time or there is the real risk of being countered to pin.

    The lift and throw I think seems to be the one to try could leave a bit of a scramble at the end? I will have to experiment with some finishes.

    Thanks for the help.

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