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    This might be a really dumb question, but it is bugging me. Is it still legal for the top guy in par terre position to line up facing the opposite way and do a reverse body lock? Karelin did it a lot and I don't see it used anymore. If it is still legal, why don't more people use it?

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    Both are legal. I guess a lot of guys prefer the gut wrench as more high-percentage. Khustov is one example of a guy who lines up in the reverse lift. At the recent Canadian nationals a lot of guys did too.

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    Still legal, but reverse lifts definitely favor a certain body type. Also, a reverse lift start is more dangerous because many times, you are going to get one attempt, and if it doesnt go, you lose the position, where as a regular par terre start will yield multiple attempts to score.

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    Cool. Thanks for the replies. I will try to look up Khustov on youtube. I have never wrestled greco, but for some reason I love that throw.

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    If you are looking for cool reverse lifts, also try Manachur Kvirkvelia videos.

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    Tony Rotundo, Sports Photographer | Facebook: Tony C. Rotundo

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    Sorry, mean that for Quinn14.
    Tony Rotundo, Sports Photographer | Facebook: Tony C. Rotundo

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