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Thread: Lanky Greco Wrestlers

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    Is there any advantage to being lanky when wrestling Greco? I weigh about 137 - 140 but I'm 6'0". Greco seems like the funnest style, but is there any advantage for lanky guys like me or should I just lift a lot and get bigger so that I'm more portioned and stronger?


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    Go type "Hamid Sourian" into Youtube.

    That should answer your question pretty effectively.
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    Damn, that guy is a stud. Thanks for your answer

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    At the European championships 3 weeks ago, in the 60-kg class, it was the tallest wrestler who became the champ. Revaz Lashkhi. There are some videos on youtube. He placed 5th at the 2010 worlds.
    He is 5'8. 60-kg wrestlers are usually 5'5-5'6.

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    Dilshod Aripov (in blue), world champion 2001 and silver medalist at the 2009's wc

    Every kind of physique has it's pros and cons but I am sure that you will be a tough one to wrestle since you will have kind of unsual reach advantage
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    try to wrap one arm as tight around your opponents waist, low on the waist, and grab that elbow with you other hand when you gut. watch some video of the cubans.

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    Oh yes, here's a great example of that

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    ascuy us one of my all time favorites. i was suggesting just to gut with that lock, however if possible pick your opponent up.

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    thanks for all the help and the video, much appreciated, i'm planning on doing my guts like that, but quick question, for my lifts to i try to keep the same lock, hand on waist, other on elbow, or do i switch to an s grip or butterfly lock?

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