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Thread: European Championship 2011

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    Default European Championship 2011

    Its going to be held in Germany ( Dortmund), 29-30 march Freestyle and 3-4 april Greco-roman wrestling. I think its going to be quite exciting and we might see, some high quality matches.

    55.Dzhamal Otarsultanov, 60.Opan Sat, 66.Adam Batirov, 74.Denis Cargush, 84.Anzor Urishev, 96.Vladislav Baycaev, 120.Bahtiyar Ahmedov

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011


    55 kg Ahmet Peker
    60 kg Haki Gjurel'
    66 kg Jakup Gor
    74 kg Batuhan Demirchin
    84 kg Ibragim Boljukbashi
    96 kg Hamza Koseoglu
    120 kg Fatih Chakiroglu


    55 kg - Mahmud Magomedov
    60 kg - Togrul Askerov
    66 kg - Dzhabrail Gasanov
    74 kg - Agil' Guliev
    84 kg - Sharip Sharipov
    96 kg - Hetag Gozjumov
    120 kg - Dzhamaletdin Magomedov


    55 kg - Vladimir Hinchegashvili
    60 kg - Malhaz Zarkua
    66 kg - Koba Kakaladze
    74 kg - Dato Hucishvili
    84 kg - Dato Marsagishvili
    96 kg - Belduh Gavashelishvili
    120 kg -Dato Modzmanashvili


    55 kg - Nikolaj Ajvazjan
    60 kg - Vasilij Fedorishin
    66 kg - Dmitrij Malenkov
    74 kg - Dzhambule Cotadze
    84 kg - Ibragim Aldatov
    96 kg - Pavel Olejnik
    120 kg - Aleksandr Hocjanovskij


    55 kg - Vladislav Andreev
    60 kg - Rizvan Gadzhiev
    66 kg - Ali Shabanov
    74 kg - Aleksandr Motyl'
    84 kg - Omargadzhi Magomedov
    96 kg - Shejhov Ruslan
    120 kg - Aleksej Shemarov

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

    It's interesting that Asgarov is up at 60kg, though not surprising since he's pretty tall and was very young for a World finalist. Glad to see Gazyumov and Tsargush competing. Europeans is such a great tournament, I wonder why Kudukhov has skipped it the last few years? Is it to give Sat a chance to represent Russia?

    Anyone know Baycaev's resume, the Russian 96kg? Is that the same guy listed as Batsaev on Fila database who competed for Russia at 2008 Junior Europeans? I'm full of questions today...

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

    Wieso ist es um 13:00 uhr anfangen UND am Mittwoch? Mittwoch?? Wer darf um Mittwoch gehen? Es macht keinen Sinn. Aber Genie?en Sie!

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

    Cool to see Otarsultanov getting the nod for Russia, he's a guy that has always been fun to watch.

    Where is Hasanov for Azerbaijan?
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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Cool to see Otarsultanov getting the nod for Russia, he's a guy that has always been fun to watch.

    Where is Hasanov for Azerbaijan?
    I'm not sure where James Brown got his spellings from, but Hasanov is entered at 66kg. Here's the participants list:

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    Default Re: European Championship 2011

    Dzhabrail Gasanov = Dzhabrail Hasanov (its the same guy)

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