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Thread: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

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    Default Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    They are coming up in a couple of weeks. There are probably some Canadians on this site who are competing, as well as Americans following the careers of guys like Gentry and Pliev as well as world medal contenders like Garcia.

    I can write up a preview if people are interested.

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    I would love to see it so Im sure there would be a lot of interest!

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    Is there any way to watch?

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    Not sure if there's a webcast quinn. Finals videos have been up on youtube the past few years.

    My attempt at a preview:
    55 kg: John Pineda is the heavy favorite here. He's a massive guy at the weight (wrestled 63 in high school) with great, smooth technique and he should dominate. Young guys Tremblay and Hergenheim keep getting better and could concievably challenge him, at least one of them should win a medal. Promise Mwenga has solid international experience, but a lot of it is in Greco. Mike Asselstine and Aso Palani could also win medals.
    International results: Pineda has beaten top Americans (Simmons, Blanc) and lost close ones to the world's best (ie Cejudo). Hergenheim placed top 10 in last year's jr. worlds.

    60 kg: Pretty wide open weight class with Sissouri and Azarbayjani retiring. James Mancini won last year; he's not a flashy wrestler but he keeps improving and I think has won some medals at mid-level international tournaments lately. If Ryler Walker is wrestling at 100% he's a top favorite. Hes big, powerful guy who doens't give up points and wrestles well in the zone. There's a lot of guys who could concievably win this one including Raj Virdi from SFU, the powerful CIS champion Vince Cormier, or CJ Hudson. Expect some great, wide open matches at this weight.
    International results: not much that I'm aware of.

    66 kg: Haislan Garcia is probably Canada's top wrestler. This former Cuban is a tactical wrestler who can wrestle boring matches sometimes, but he's very fast and athletic and dangerous on top when he needs to be. Garcia is a heavy favorite here but he has lost to other Canadians in the past. Chris Prickett is probably the #2, a long lanky guy with great par terre skills who actually beat Garcia two years ago before having it overturned by protest. Ryan Weicker should also medal if he makes weight. Beyond that there's a lot of great young wrestlers at this weight who should fight for top 6, some of which I know personally and others who I wouldn' recognize if I saw them. Names include Daye-Finley, Bond, Alves, Lue and Sayah.
    International Results: Garcia has won and medalled at a lot of international tournaments, and he placed 5th at last year's worlds. Was apparently 2nd in Cuba behind Quintana when he lived there.

    74: This weight has the big 3: Macdonald, Gentry and Ncube. Evan Macdonald generally wins the head-to-head matchups here. He is a very aggressive, Iowa-style (with par terre skills) type wrestler and one of my favorites to watch but he had his best results at 66, struggling a bit with his taller opponents at 74. He has also battled a lot of injuries, forfeiting the world team spot last year. NCAA champ Gentry may be our best bet for current international results, combining solid technique with strength, fitness, and the ability to win close ones. Cleo Ncube is a very flashy, exciting wrestler who can be utterly dominant on some days and merely good on others. Any of these could win the title. Veterans like Dehamel and CIS chanmp Olver should contend for top 6 spots.
    International results: Macdonald was top 10 in the world twice and competed in the olympics. He also teched world champ Abdullev, though all these results occured at 66. Gentry also wrestled in the Olympics.77

    84: Relatively weak weight. Veteran Danny Brown who won last year hasn't wrestled since. Weather he competes or not, Jeff Adamson who won the NYAC this year is probably the favorite. Adamson is a very smart wrestler with a lot of physical strength and I think that this will be his year. The Russian Tamarlan Tagiev has been living in Canada lately, and if he gets Canadian citizenship he is probably the favorite. He has torn up the Canadians during the last few Harbogind tournaments, but also lost to top Americans. Young guys Alex Burk (very funky) and Jeremy Latour (long and lanky) are hard to wrestle against and will be contenders. Sheldon Francis has moved back and forth between 74 and 84 the past few years, but at this weight he has a good medal shot also.
    International results: Adamson was top 10 at the jr. worlds a few years ago. Not sure how Tagiev did against other Russians, but he's a very good wrestler.

    96: Pliev won this weight last year and is the favorite again this year. If David Zilberman wrestles this weight (he won the CIS at heavyweight) he could be considered a co-favorite, as they have beaten each other in the past. Korey Jarvis has beaten both these guys and whie he doens't look all that talented, he has a knack for winning ugly matches. Majot Sandhu recently moved up to this weight and also has wins over Jarvis and Pliev. Finally Ali Al-Rakabi is an imposing and talented wrestler, who unfortunately has made big mistakes in close matches at the past but has the ablity to win this weight. The results should be pretty exciting, even if the matches themselves have a lot of clinching.
    International results:
    Pliev placed 7th in the world last year Zilberman placed 5th a few years back, losing the bronze medal in a 1-1 third period. Zilberman also placed 2nd at FISU (University) worlds.

    Arjan Bhullar is the longtime champ here. A lot of people don't like his style but I don't know when the last time is a Canadian beat him. Jamie Cox, an exciting wrestler (who tech-falled notorious poster BIG a few years back) has a shot at the title if he wrestles, as does Zilberman if he goes at this weight. High school wrestler Sunny Dhinsu is apparently the next big thing and could maike the finals here if he competes; he placed 2nd at the Hargobind this tear.
    International results: Bhullar placed 4th (I think) at both the jr. and FISU worlds.

    Hard to handicap the Greco tournament because participation is a bit of a crapshoot. The brackets are usually small and the top guys are often ex-pats who wrestled greco back home in Europe. Some guys who consistently compete and win include Promise Mwenga at 55, Jack Bond at 66, Nick Johnson at 84 (apparently an internationally competitive wrestler in Europe) and Scott Seeley at 96. Colbie Bell and Ari Taub wrestled greco internationally for years at 120 but I think both are retired now.
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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    Thanks for the breakdown, arm-spin. Looks like you put a lot of time into it. So, I will also try to find these matches on youtube by myself instead of waiting for you to do all the work. If I find some, I will put them on the good matches thread. What day does it start?

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    March 24; information at the link below.

    If you could find and upload some it would be great; I will be very busy after the nationals. In addition to youtube you could check; they covered the Hargobind very well and might upload some Nationals videos also. The Ontario wrestling website will have discussion and probably links to videos also:

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    Nice preveiw

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    March 24; information at the link below.

    If you could find and upload some it would be great; I will be very busy after the nationals. In addition to youtube you could check; they covered the Hargobind very well and might upload some Nationals videos also. The Ontario wrestling website will have discussion and probably links to videos also:
    I will do my best.

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    Default Re: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

    It was pointed out to me on another forum that I missed out another top contender: Medhi Kiwaser is a guy of Kurdish descent who is a meda threat at either 96 or 120 kg. I haven't seen him wrestle myself.

    For those looking to brush up on some top contenders, pick out these matches:
    Pineda, Weicker, Garcia: third post down:
    Hargobind finals (Pineda, Hergenheim, Garcia, Tagiev, Dhinsu, ect):
    Macdonald, Burk, Adamson, Hudson, Hergenheim, Al-Rekabi, Sandhu:
    Last year's nationals (some of the links seem to be broken, unfortunately):

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