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Thread: Canadian National Wrestling Championships

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    I cleaned up a bunch of the videos that were broken

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    I am trying to find videos, but haven't found any yet. I did find some results, but I think they were jr.'s because none of the names matched the names arm-spin previewed. Here is what I found:

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD height="100%" vAlign=top width="85%">D'Alleva over Sorrell
    Tak won his first match
    Balfour over Rauckman and just beat Rowe

    Again, I think these are the juniors. But I am on the prowl for senior matches.
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    Seniors happens tomorrow. These are indeed junior results.

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    Nice work arm spin, thanks for the preview. This is the first year I'm really following international wrestling but it seems to be where I am seeing some of the best technique and matches I've ever seen.

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    Senior brackets up. Some pretty big news... Pineda is up at 60 kg, not 55. Prickett is at 74. Evan Macdonald and David Zilberman, two potential favorite,s did not enter.

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    I was able to watch the semis and finals and some of the other matches today. It was a great day of wrestling, lots of exciting matches! Here's my best attempt at a recap:

    55 kg: Didn't see many matches. Junior champ Takahashi made it to the finals against Tremblay and promptly arm threw him. However Tremblay was able to re-roll him and pin him in the first period.

    60 kg: An already exciting weight had Pineda added to it (not sure if this was deliberate or if he missed weight). Pineda lost early to Ryler Walker and wrestled back for third. Walker and Vince Cormier had a great semifinal filled with big throws and exposure points, I think Walker's superior conditioning won it for him in the third. The other semifinal was the talk of the tournament, and not for a good reason: Mancini and CJ Hudson were in a third period clinch. Mancini ran him out of bounds, but CJ dropped to his knee just before getting pushed out and they decided that was not a point (I'm no referee but this seems rediculous, anyone an expert on clinch rules?) They continued the 30 second time with both guys standing and CJ was able to stall it out. Mancini was furious and I don't blame him, he must have spent ten minutes yelling at the referees.

    The final was great, Walker won two wild scramble-filled periods. I don't know who ended up as outstanding wrestler, but in my mind Walker is the obvious choice.

    66 kg: Garcia really had his way both standing and on the mat I think he teched everyone. Ryan Lue beat Weicker on a 3rd period clinch to make the finals, but he got a quick tech-fall loss in the finals for his efforts. Garcia looked like the world-class wrestler he is and Lue looked like he belonged two weight classes up, no idea how that guy makes 66.

    74 kg: No Macdonald, someone said he is injured again. Ncube and Gentry made the finals pretty easily. This was the match I was most looking forward to. Gentry clearly has Ncube figured out, he kept stuffing Ncube's shots with a front headlock. Gentry looked like the stronger and more controlled wrestler and he scored a takedown and turn in the first and second to win.

    84 kg: No Brown or Russian guy. Adamson won a defensive final over Miller with a takedown in the first and an offensive clinch point in the second. Adamson had a great semi vs Latour, the first two periods went down to the wire and Adamson hit a belly-to-back suplex late in the thrird to win it. Alex Burk placed third. I really don't get this guy- every time I see him wrestle he is going crazy and giving up lots of points (including the semi against Miller) but apparently whenever I'm not watching he is this really awesome wrestler.

    96 kg: Maybe the deepest weight, even without Zilberman. Pliev beat Jarvis in the final, same score as the 84 kg final. Pliev wrestles in a GatsalovTsargush type style, he never makes any more moves than he absolutely has to, but still looks in total control the whole time. Jarvis' semi against Sandu went right down to the wire, Jarvis was victorious in a last second-scramble and came up doing some bizarre victory dance, it was pretty funny.

    120 kg: This Sunny Dinsu kid is for real. After winning the jrs with a pin in the final, he beat some pretty good opponents in srs to make the finals against Aarjan Bhullar. To absolutely no one's surprise the two spent most of the match slapping each other- quite loudly- and Aarjan won on pushouts. The Kiwaser guy got pinned inhis first match (don't know how, didnt' see it) and did not wrestle back.

    I don't remember many details about the finals matches, but they were good matches and Canada's Olympic heroes kicked butt. Carol Huyn won with her quick low singles, Tonya Verbeek just overpowered her finals opponent and (3x world champ) Martine Dugrenier looked like a contender for best pound-for-pound female wrestler int he word, dominating her opponents.

    The craziest match of them all, either gender, was the women's 72 kg final, Ohenewa Akufo vs Leah Callahan. Callahan won the coin flip to clinch in the first, and Akufo fought free and hit a massive lateral drop. In the second, Akufo had the offensive clinch position and Callahan pancaked her to her back while hopping on one leg. In the third, Calahan scored a takedown and then promply punched Akufo in the face. Akufo didn't like it much, went after her pretty hard and pushed her out with less than a second left on the clock to win.

    Greco tomorrow. Greco isn't big in Canada, but it's always a lot of fun and brackets are apparently bigger than usual this year Final freestyle results and brackets should be up on soon.
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    Once again Great post arm-spin

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    Thanks sahota! Greco results and brackets. Senior freestyle results and brackets. Junioor freestyle results and brackets.

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    Don't know where the videos are for this, but I forgot to do the "arm-spin awards" for this tournament. Here they are. Awards cover men's and women's, freestyle and greco, but not junior.

    Outstanding wrester: Ryley Walker (same as the real OW). I'm just sorry I missed his match vs Pineda.
    Golden Pylon award (sucess by doing as little as possible): Korey Jarvis, for getting launched in the first period of his Greco match vs Seeley and then stalling his way to upset victory 1-0, 1-0. Khetag Pliev gets an honorabe mention.
    Match of the tournament: for sheer craziness, Akuffo vs Calahann. Honorable mention to Adamson/Latour and Walker/Cormier
    Special "born to wrestle" award to Sunny Dhinsa for winning Jr Freestyle, Sr. Greco, and placing second in Sr Freestyle. Reminds me of a few years back when Jamie Macari won men's freestyle, greco, FISU trials and freestyle outstanding wrestler.

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