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Thread: Top US Freestylers

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    Default Top US Freestylers

    Who in your opinion are the top ten Freestylers in the US?

    1. Mo Lawal. He is the only US wrestler who conistently beats top international competition.
    2. Bill Zadick. The only non-retired US freestyler who a has world or Olympic gold in the 2000s. I did not rank him #1 becasue his gold has not been backed up by other performances
    3-5 Tolly Thompson, Tom Rowlands, Cole Konrad. I think whoever wins US trials at this weight is a favorite to medal at worlds. I would not say that about any other weigth class.
    6. Joe Williams. Should have moved up a weight class a long time ago.
    7. Sam Henson Father time has not caught up with him yet.
    8. Dan Cormier. Dominates US competition, but has produced little internationally since 2004 Olympics. I would rank him higher, but every championships since, I always pick him to medal and he has not come close. Might be better off at Heavy.
    9. Mike Zadick. Has the silver from the last worlds, but like his brother has not produced consistent results and was beat in US nationals.
    10. Joe Hesket. Tough one to pick. No one else really stands out and there are probably ten other guys you could put here.

    My rankings are based on how I think they stand up against the rest of the world. I might have put Abas close to #1, but he has been injured for too long.

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    Good thread topic, I'll be back with my top 10 later...

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    1. Mo Lawal: For pretty much the same reason you said, he's been a consistent winner against quality competition, he just needs to put together a good Worlds now.
    2. Bill Zadick: Only defending World Champion we have, would certainly be remiss not to have him here
    3. Sammie Henson: Getting a little long in the tooth, but still is a threat to medal every year, and is also the most decorated guy that we have.
    4. Joe Williams: Has a ton of quality wins over his career, move up may turn out to be a very, VERY good choice
    5. Mike Zadick: Got to have him here, World Silver will do that at least for a year. Will have to bring his a game to make the team again this year
    6. Donny Pritzlaff: World bronze in his first major International competition. Yeah, sounds good to me. Has struggled a little since, but as with Zadick, you win a medal, you're on my list for at least the year.
    7. Daniel Cormier: ONLY just beat the #1 guy on both our lists to win US Nationals. Has quality wins, but as noted hasn't been quite as good since the 04 Olympics
    8. Tommy Rowlands: I think the weight is going to be his this year, University Worlds champ, and was on fire all day at the Open. Definite medal threat.
    9. Nate Gallick: University Worlds champ, has something like three consecutive wins against Zadick. If he wins the spot, he's a definite threat to medal in my opinion.
    10. Henry Cejudo: Lots of quality age group wins, including one or two over the Russians, Otursalanov (sp) and/or Kudukhov (I can't really tell them apart and don't feel like looking) and then has beaten some quality senior guys as well. Only going to get better.

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    Not much going on.
    I would like to see what anyone else thinks.

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    Here is what I got....

    1. Mohammad Lawal: As stated already consistantly wins internationaly. I think him better than Cormier but gives him too much respect.

    2. Sammie Henson: Yes he is getting older but is decorated and consistantly wins overseas.

    3. Joe Williams: The guy has had some issues as of late, but is still a threat and has usaully performed well on the big stages.

    After these three is gets a bit more fuzzy and uncertain IMO

    4. Bill Zadick: He is the defending World Champ but.....I just don't have too much confidence in him.

    5. Henry Cejudo: This kid is young and has already proven he can compete with the some of the best. I think he has a long future.

    6.Nate Gallick: He hasn't done much internationaly but did win the World University Championships. He also owns 3(?) consecutive wins against Mike Zadick.

    7.Daniel Cormier: Awesome natural ability but apparently a bit lazy. He doesn't compete internationaly enough and hasn't done well since the Olympics. But he still has wins this season over Lawal and Mocco.

    8.Donny Pritzlaff: I like the guy but he just isn't consistant enough. He did win a bronze medal last year but several of those wins were very tight and could have gone the other way. Needs to work on his defense.

    9.Tommy Rowlands: I like him better as a HWY. He has the athletism to be a serious contender.

    10.Joe Heskett AND Cole Konrad: I think if these two can make it to the world team both can make some noise.
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