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    After getting torched in their dual meet vs USA, the young Russians do a lot better at the NYAC.

    Interesting results for me personally:
    Canda's Pineda wins 3rd, beating Obe Blanc! Got DQ'd against Russia in the semis, anyne know how?

    South Africa's Barnes had a bunch of wild matches again based on the scores, placed 3rd at 66. Tough loss for Garcia in the final, losing on a clinch and a pushout to Yargygin champion Gadziev. Still, it's really nice to see a Canadian able to go head to head with world class opponents.

    Macdonald beats Sanderson, Fay and Marable but gets stuck by Paulson at 74 to win third. Cleo goes down early after dominating this tournament last year. Paulson wins the title.

    Gavin beats Jr. World champ Kortoev, Herbert beats Gavin in the finals.
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    Humphrey beats Coleman Scott for the first time and loses to Simmons for in the third place bout.

    Training partners Tervel Dlagnev and Tommy Rowlands meet for the first time in the finals. Dlagnev wins 1-0, 1-0.

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