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Thread: Gone But Not Forgotten - Dave & Mark Schultz Inducted Into San Jose Hall of Fame

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    Default Gone But Not Forgotten - Dave & Mark Schultz Inducted Into San Jose Hall of Fame

    Our fallen Brother Dave was posthumously honored as an inductee into the city of San Jose's Hall of Fame. Decent article with lots of commentary by Brother Mark Schultz, who was also a well-deserved honoree.

    Congratulations Mark, you were a good friend and one of the BEST and most exciting wrestlers ever.

    We miss you Dave and need you now more than ever...[/COLOR][/I]

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    San Jose Hall of Fame: Late Wrestler Honored, but Sadness Has Not Subsided

    By Mark Emmons -

    Posted: 11/15/2010 09:35:46 PM PST
    Updated: 11/16/2010 11:08:48 AM PST)

    For those in the U.S. wrestling community, the sound still echoes. Three gunshots ringing out on a picturesque Pennsylvania estate nearly 15 years ago.

    That day, on Jan. 26, 1996, star wrestler Dave Schultz was murdered by a deranged, millionaire patron of his sport.

    Lives were altered forever. A wife lost her husband. Two young children grew up without their father. And a brother would feel as if the moorings to his life somehow were loosened.

    Tonight, Palo Alto natives Dave and Mark Schultz will be inducted into the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame, honored as the best wrestling siblings this country ever has produced.

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