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    Anyone else reading this? It's pretty cool, you learn a lot not just about Andy but about the Russian wrestling system. Here he talks about training with multiple world champions every day, about hanging out with Farniev and Kudukhov, and so it. Sounds like he's taking a bit of a beating as far as actual competition goes, but learning a lot while he's at it.

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    I am reading his blog and i like it!

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    No entry today? Cant wait to read it. Today he wrestled at the Andiev tourney in Ossetia and he had an extremly heated match vs a Chechen wrestler. After the match, the Chechen (who lost) insulted Hrovat's coach (an Ossetian) and provoked a fight involving more than 100 spectators. Police had to intervene in the brawl.
    Eventually, Hrovat placed 3rd.
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    Good call Akzent. His newest post starts this way:

    Before reading I just want to say I cannot write well enough to give justice to how intense and crazy the day I wrestled was. Take what I wrote about the riots and multiply it by 100 and the last one was a face to face showdown that lasted more then an hour with riot police holding AK-47s. You can get an idea how it was if you watch the match at the Russian Nationals from 2008 when Ketoev beat Sajidov.

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    I found a short amateur video but I don't know were these the riots after the 84 kg match Hrovat vs Yunaev or after the 120 kg one Bakhtiar Akhmedov vs Soslan Gagloev.
    The video is posted in a Russian social network (functioning like facebook); I have no idea can everybody watch it or one should be registred to watch.

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    Awesome Blog!

    Major props to Hrovat for making the committment to wrestling and making sacrifices inorder to train with the best in the world.

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    i can not express how jealous i am with this man, rooming with farniev? training with sokhiev!? wow thats an incredible experience

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