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Thread: David Musulbes on the mat again, video

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    Default David Musulbes on the mat again, video

    Musulbes signed a contract with the German club Aalen, for which he wrestled 2 years ago.
    This past weekend, he wrestled in 2 dual meets in the German league.
    Since the opponent clubs didn't have HWTs, 96-kg guys wrestled vs. Musulbes.
    Musulbes won the matches not easily; appeared in bad shape.

    On Saturday, he wrestled Stefan Kehrer - 2006 European bronze medalist, 2009 Dave Schultz winner:
    He won 1:0, 1:0 clinch, 1:0 clinch. In the second period, he needed 20 seconds to score from the clinch.

    Notice that in the German league, they wrestle 3 of 5 periods, not 2 of 3 as in Fila.

    On Sunday, he faced Johannes Kessel, 21, the guy who represented Germany at 96 at the 2010 europeans and worlds placing 12th and 21st respectively:

    The match lasted 5 periods!! Musulbes won 1:0, 1:0, 0:1 (passivity wanring), 0:3, 3:1.

    video - the 5 periods from the match yesterday.
    I like the 4th period - Musulbes going for double leg, Kessel countering and Musulbes flying to his back in a funy way. Later going mad...

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    Default Re: David Musulbes on the mat again, video

    Wow that was awful, guess Mussulbes isn't winning the Olympics again anytime soon

    Akzent can you provide more information about how the German league works and which world-class wrestlers participate in it?

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    Default Re: David Musulbes on the mat again, video

    They have many leagues.
    First league (national) which is the elite one, with 2 regional divisions each with 10 clubs.
    Second league (national) and several regional leagues.

    They start in late August, have dual meets each Saturday. Each vs. each as host and guest - in each of the 2 devisions of the 1st league, this means: 18 duals in the season. Untill December. Then the have play offs (usually quarters) - participants are the clubs which placed 1-4 in the two divisions. Semis, final for the 1st place (no 3rd place). All these (1/4, 1/2, final) have the same principle - host and then a rematch as guest.

    Each dual meet consists of 10 matches - 5 FS, 5 GR.

    Some internationally known wrestlers - 55 Bayaraa (MGL), veteran Tulbea (MLD), Toguszov (RUS/RUS) over 40 but never getting old for wrestling , 74GR Julfalakyan (ARM), many Bulgarians - Velikov, Terziev, Ganev... and at least 20 more, Stadnik (UKR). I can't recall them all now.

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