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Thread: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

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    Default Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    Second edition of President Kadirov's Cup, Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    some of the preliminary entries of RUS, UKR, AZE, BUL:

    55 - Nariman Israpilov, Jamal Otarsultanov, Mahmud Magomedov, Radoslav Velikov
    60 - Opan Sat, Vasilii Fedorishin
    66 - Rasul Jukaev, Emin Azizov
    74 - Anuar Geduev, Irbek Farniev, Kiril Terziev
    84 - Anzor Urishev, Abdusalam Gadisov, Taras Danko, Sharip Sharipov, Mihail Ganev
    96 - Khajimurad Gatsalov, underdog Ibragim Saidov, Anzor Boltukaev, Vasilii Tesminetskii
    120 - Bakhtiar Ahmedov, Vadim Tasoev, Ali Isaev; rumors about Taimazov's participation
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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    Prize money announced. 20.000 $ for the 1st place (and 2.000 for the coach), 5.000 for the 2nd, x 2.000 for the 3rd.

    The matches will possibly be shown online on the Russian federation website
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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    55 Otarsultanov beat Hazewinkel and Velikov in the semis. The other finalist - Lachinov beat Israpilov.

    66 ?

    After a month of parties only, Ganev lost already in the first round.
    In the finals - Gadisov vs young unknown wrestler
    Gadisov beat Temrezov in the 1/4finals and Urishev in the semis.

    Taimazov didn't appear.
    96-kg Ibragim Saidov and Tigiev (KAZ) wrestled at 120 and had to meet in the semis, but Tigiev withdrew.
    On his way into the semis, Tigiev beat Bakhtiar Akhmedov in the 1st round, Soslan Gagloev, Shemarov. Saidov def. Isaev (AZE).
    In the finals, Saidov will face Taha Akgyul (TUR) - silver medalist at the 2010 jr worlds. Today he beat Rowlands.
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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    we can find only 1 akzent in the world. d::

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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    Well the finals weren't exciting. It was much interesting to watch the North-Korean-like ceremonies between the final matches: People competing to give Chechen president Kadirov (who sat in a big throne-like armchair) glorifying speeches, gifts, awards.... When he was leaving the hall the speaker gave the order: Everybody stand up!

    55 Otarsultanov and 84 Gadisov easily won the finals.
    96 Nearly quare-shaped Saidov who looks and moves like a tank had huge problems vs. the thin 19 years young Turk a head and a half taller than Saidov. The first 2 periods ended in the clinch. Saidov's victory in the 3rd one was due only to his strength.
    Rowlands placed 3rd being the only non-Russian who medaled.
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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    1st day finals on Raymond's channel

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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    2nd day

    60 kg
    1. Akhmed Chakaev, 2. Vasilii Fedorishin, Ramzan Saritov, Opan Sat

    In the semis - Fedorishin v Opan Sat: hip throw & pin at 0:20
    There was nobody to move the camera, so only the begining of the throw has been video taped:

    74 kg
    1. Muslim Dadaev inj.d. 2. Anuar Geduev; 3. Irbek Farniev, Nick Marable

    1/8final Geduev v Farniev:

    96 kg
    1. Khajimurad Gatsalov beat 2. Anzor Boltukaev 2-1 periods; 3. Yuri Belonovski, Marat Ibragimov
    semis: Gatsalov-Belonovski, Boltukaev-Ibragimov

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    Default Re: Tourney in Chechnya, Oct 9-10

    Where can we find results for this tourney?

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