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Thread: Commonwealth Games results

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    Default Commonwealth Games results

    Day 1... India wins 3 gold medals in greco. Nice to see medals for my South AFrican friends (silver at 74 ad 86, silver for former SA at 55.)

    Canada wins a bronze at 96 when the Australian gets stripped of his medal for giving officials the finger
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    Quite a heated combat. The Indian got never officially warned for his actions, whereas the Australian was cautioned for his reactions and got disqualified after the 3rd one.

    The name of the Indian guy is Kumar. What is the meaning of this name? Today other 3 greco Indians (out of 4 possible) are Kumars. In the last day of the FS tourney (Oct 10) the Indians in all 4 weights (55, 66, 84, 120) will be Kumars.
    14 wrestlers - 8 Kumars
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    I think the referees screwed the Australian over a bit, no wonder he was mad. The first caution was very blatant, the other two looked pretty chintzy.

    Is it legal to put two hands on the head in a tie up the way the Indian does? You don't see that too often.

    According to the offical roster, Haislan Garcia will not be competing for Canada at these games. Too bad, I wanted to see him wrestle the Indian world champ
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    The Aussie HWT, 204 cm tall, basketball player like, Ivan Popov won the finals.

    a month back: Popov & Byers in Moscow

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    <dl><dt>Rajputana</dt><dd>Among the Rajputs, Kumar (male) or Kumari (female) is often used as a middle name. Variants include: Kunwar, Kumara, Kumaru and Kumaran. Kumar means Prince, and Kumari means Princess; it is also used in heir apparent titles and enters into Rajput and Princely State titles. Kumar is also the name of a clan (all titled) Chetris who claim descent from the Suryavanshis, the Ranas of Mewar, and the ancestral predecessors of the Maharanas of Udaipur in Rajasthan.</dd></dl>

    So all the Kumars that are wrestling in Delhi, most of them are Rajputs (people from district Rajasthan) whereas Delhi the capitol is in Haryana, or well surrounded by Haryana.

    Rajputs are known for their bravery. During the Moghals the Rajputs where one of the states that never backed down against the Mughals.

    Akbar the great himself admired the Rajputs in many poems.
    The Gurka's special forces in the Uk claim to descend from the Rajputs.

    The Varnashrama also known and falsely named caste system by the western people is very accurate with many clans.

    Funny to know but for example the great khali in the us is a rajput.

    Rajput means Son of king which refers to everyone in the state of rajasthan.
    they had immense big kingdoms.

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    Default Re: Commonwealth Games results

    Indian training- this is so cool.

    Carol Huynh, Justine Bouchard, Ohennewa Akuffo, all from Canada, win gold medals in women's wrestling. ,
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    Freestyle- India defeats Mancini @ 60 kg, India defeats South African Adinall @ 74 (also medalled in greco) wiith Evan Macdonald placing 3rd and Nigeria beating Korey Jarvis @ 96 kg, That 96 kg match is sooo frustrating to watch. First Nigeria gets a wierd "effort throw" point, then he scores a push out with less than 10 seconds left for the win. Here's hoping team Canada does better tomorrow.

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    Canada wins no medal at 55 and 84.

    66 kg- Sushil Kumar over Barnes in arguably the marquee matchup of the tournament, Prickett places 3rd
    120 kg- Bhullar pins India for gold.

    Overall, seems like a disappointing preformance for team Canada in men's freestyle. Other than Kumar this isn't exactly the best in the world competing.
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    Indians were very disappointed yesterday. The 4 Kumars were going to earn all 4 golds but only Sushil Kumar could place 1st. At 55 and 84, Pakistanis became the champs after beating Indians, one of them in the finals. PAK hasn't beaten archrival IND for several decades. The 55-kg Pakistani guy competd in both GR and FS. In GR, he lost the final to India. Yesterday, he was very happy to have outclassed his Indian rival in FS.

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