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    Again, with the disclaimer that I haven't watched all the matches.

    Oustanding Wrestler: Besik Kudukhov. He had the trifecta of awesome; a 5 pt throw in the quarters, a dominant pin over a former world champ in the semis, and a highlight reel finish from a defensive clinch against a multiple world medallist in the finals. This guy is the man.

    Most impressive non-winner: Hassan Asgarov. The guy's 17, he won the silver medal, and he scored a ton of points. Wow.

    Golden Pylon award (most boring): With Tsargush suddenly finding his offense against an easy draw and other stall-masters losing, this one goes to Lebedev by default. Lots of clinches and 1-0 periods, but even Lebedev was a lot more watchable than some of the guys last year.

    Wrestler of the year: Khetag Gayzumov. World champ, European champ, Grand Prix champ (did he win World cup too?) beat Gogchelidze 2x I think this year and Gatsalov for the title. Beat up a lot of guys in a really tough weight division.

    Overall a very exciting tournament to watch from my computer. Thoughts?

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    yes kudukhov is amazing, every year i dont know why but i put my chips on fedorishon, well not anymore, i thought last years win over him was a fluke but not anymore!

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    I did worse, 5pt. I stated the only reason Fedoryshin hasn't won worlds is because he has no luck in the clinch. Now he wins the clinch and still loses~

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    Have you posted the links to Kudukhov's bouts in the Good Matches thread?
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    Yes. However, FILAwebtv isn't working right now. You can wait until they fix it or look on flowrestling.

    Edit, works now. I have 1/4, 1/2 and final matches up.
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    who did kudukhov 5?

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    Not sure, but it's in the quarter finals off a double leg takedown.

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