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Thread: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, Results, Brackets, Videos, photos

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    Default Re: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, August 7-8

    From Paulson 2nd to a Hungarian. He must be sick of being close but not quite winning.

    Gadisov beat Lashgari, as akzent stated two very exciting guys. I hope to see a video soon!

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    Default Re: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, Results, Brackets, Videos, photos

    84 gadisov - lashgari 1:0 (single leg), 0:2 (single leg and another takedown), 1:0 (from clinch)

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    Default Re: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, Results, Brackets, Videos, photos


    To get the playlist click on the 2 squares in the corner of the video frame bottom right:

    The upper 2 files in the picture above are the yesterday's (sobota = saturday) finals pt. 1 and 2 - men 55, 66, 96 kg + 4 weight classes FW

    The other 3 files from "sobota" pt. 1, 2, 3 - eliminations, quarters, semis. Unfortunately, the names of the wrestlers are not written.
    In the middle of pt. 3 - the 96 kg semi Tigiev v Gatsalov.

    I hope they will soon add the sunday's matches - 60, 74, 84, 120 + 3 FW.

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    Default Re: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, Results, Brackets, Videos, photos

    Wow... I'm looking through those vidoes, and finals pt. 1 might be the most boring "wrestling" in history. More like a clinching clinic. And can someone explain to me how getting thrown right on your back = winning the clinch?

    Edit: I watched Tigiev's matches as suggested. In the semis vs Gatsalov he backed up the entire time, but made up with it with two awesome chest lock throws. When was the last time anyone tossed Gatsalov? Add Tigiev to the list of serious WC contenders, I guess (if he wasn't on it already).

    In the final, he coasted to a win without issues.
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    Default Re: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, Results, Brackets, Videos, photos

    Some of the few not boring matches seem to be those of Tigiev - his small fights vs Gatsalov in the semis and vs Shabanbay in the finals (one of the first matches in pt 2).
    It is funy the see also Shabanbay's behavior in the break between the 2 periods.
    Since both Shabanbay and Tigiev represent KAZ and compete for the 96 kg spot in the world team, Shabanbay seemed to be jealous of Tigiev being "served" by the national team coach. Shabanbay waited until this service ended and went to the coach to be dried by him with the same towel. ))

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    Default Re: Ziolkowski tournament -Spala, Poland, Results, Brackets, Videos, photos

    I added the video to the first post.

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