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    Should I stretch after each one training ? I train freestyle 7times a week.

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    strecht before the training and after not the hardcore streching because that damages muscle tissue
    just light

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    soo,I should stretch hardocer before training, and lightly after ?

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    hey depe
    no i think you should make a difference what the purpose is of streching
    suppose if you want more flexibility
    than you can strech hardcore but only when your body is really really warm
    and dont strech lazy so you get cold

    if you start wrestling and arent really warm
    strech 60 procent

    same after.

    so lightly before lightly after

    but hard when its for flexibility

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    yes, I stretch for flexbility i read some books about stretching, and you right... i will stretching hard after training when my body is very warm

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    I have one more question...
    Should I stretch after Strength Training ?

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    i would strech before and after
    after because else you ll become a stiff fitnessboy instead of a wrestler

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    what is hardcore stretching?

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