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    I'm sure this has been posted before but I just stumbled across it. Does anyone know where any of these competitions were shot or who some of the wrestlers compete for?

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    You can see many of their ethnicities on their singlets.

    Be warned that these are guesses. Some of almost certainly wrong, and the spellings of names are defnitely wrong.

    I think it's Gogchelidze (Russia) in the world finals at 2:52. The Canadian doing the leg sweep at 3:30 might be Ugolah, I'm not sure. 5:10-5:20 is Romero (cuba) vs Adam Saitiev (Russia). 6:55 is Dabir (Iran) vs Botanev (Russia), where Dabir protested that he wasn't ready and Botanev's throw didn't count, 7:15 is Siassouri (Canada) throwing Purveytaar (Mongola) in OT to win the world title, 7:30 might be Samargashuev (Russia) , Dremiel Byers (USA) dancing at the end.

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